Stresstel t mike e user manual

Thickness Gauges T- Mike EM™. StressTel offers a wide range of other transducers to meet your application requirements. And YES the T- MikeEM™ is available with THRU PAINT Mode using the latest multi- echo measurement techniques to allow the operator to obtain accurate wall thickness readings without scraping paint. Calibration Lock Press the CAL key a third time. Press the UP or DOWN arrow keys to select the desired unit of measurement. Specific information regarding these additional factors is beyond the scope of this manual.
The operator should refer to text books on the The T- Mike E will display the status of the calibration lock function ( CAL or LOC). There are, however, additional factors which affect the use of the ultrasonic test equipment. This operating manual provides instruction in the basic set- up and operation of the thickness gauge.
The THRU PAINT Mode of the T- Mike EM+ TMmeans no more scraping paint – It’ s That Simple! The T- Mike P is factory set for your material to ensure consistent thickness measurements between operators. PocketMIKE Operating Manual Page i Important Notice The following information must be read and understood by any user of a GE Inspection Technologies ultrasonic thickness gauge. Stresstel t mike e user manual. Reprogramming for a different material, setting units of measurement, and selecting the display backlight is simply done by connecting to a Stresstel T- Mike E thickness gauge or to your computer. The T- Mike E is supplied with a 1/ 4" - 5 MHz dual element transducer.

The T- Mike E will display the units in which it is set to measure thickness ( IN or MM). The transducer has a potted four- foot, wear resistant cable with lemo quick disconnect connector. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to errors in thickness measurements or other test results. Decisions based on erroneous results can, in turn,.

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